Why yes, I would like another.

Our journey towards another little bundle.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sorry I've been a crappy blogger.. :(

Well AF came on 11/15 or CD 32. NOW it is CD 8 and I'm still frickin spotting/lightly bleeding.*sigh*

I really think something got screwed up with this extra weight I've put on. Way to go me! :(

DD developed a fever of 102.6 last night that hasn't responded well to Tylenol or Motrin, so we are in wait. If she still has the fever tomorrow evening, off to the ER we go. Great.

Moving in T minus 8 days, with tons of packing left to do.

I may continue to be a little MIA for a while.

P.S. - I miss talking to you Sharon!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

CD 28
11 Dpo

Ugh. Either AF is being nice and giving me a quick painless defeat, or something else is going on.

Not having any PMS, no normal greasy pre-AF skin, no breakouts. No sore BBs...

BUT I just encountered "spot" in the bathroom. It wasn't bright red, which is encouraging, and I checked my cervix, and it's high, firm, and closed, and there wasn't any more *spot* visible. Another good sign.

I assume the "spot" could be from BD last night? Man... I reallly reeeeeallly don't wanna get my hopes up. 2 more days until my official "test day" unless AF comes before then.

Here is an overlay of my current chart as of yesterday, and my BFP chart with DD.

And here is my current chart as of yesterday.

If *spot* stays away, I'll break out the PG tests this evening or tomorrow morning.

*fingers crossed*

Thursday, November 09, 2006

8 dpo aka CD 26

Feeling pregnant... but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Sharp pains in my boobs, my veins that I got with my first prenancy are darker and more defined.

Total loss of appetite.

Sore throat.

I had some faint looking BFP's on Fact Plus yesterday morning, and the morning before. BUT that test has fooled me before.

Nothing consistent on the cheapie tests off eBay. But these tests gave me a line with TAP WATER people, so I don't believe ANYTHING they say, negative OR positive.

I'll be picking up some FRER, and retesting on Sunday. Test date is 11/13. AF is due around Sunday or Monday.

EDD would be 7/24/07

*bites nails*

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Im sick...

*cough* *cough*


Sunday, November 05, 2006

First- Fertility news.

CD 22.


Nothing is going on. My chart says I'm 5dpo, but I'm inclined to think it's playing mind games with me. My "Post O" temps are super low, and my cervix is still high, soft, and open.

*sigh* Me no likey the Fertility Blend. I think this cycle is going to be a B U S T.

Then it's off to a 2 month break, losing the weight, so I can gain it again!
Second- Random Blah Blah

Considering today is Sunday, it's mandatory visit the inlaws day. Oh how I loathe this tradition. Today was a little more tolerable than usual because my fav SIL came too, instead of just sending her husband and the kids... (maybe she's on to something with that ;) We get along GREAT because we love to talk trash about the insanity of our husband's family.

She and I were pregnant together last year, and I was so excited to have another close friend to go through pregnancy with!2 of my other best friends were pregnant, and we were all due around 1 week apart. My SIL lost her baby at 13 weeks. I was crushed. This was her 3rd miscarriage in the 2nd tri, and she has had every test done imaginable to determine WHY she continues to miscarry. (Thankfully she does have 2 beautiful healthy children to keep her going) She found out her baby was a girl.

We were both having girls,something few and far between on our husband's sides of the family. She distanced herself from me, understandably, until my daughter was born, and we are now close again. She is Brooklyn's Godmother, and the only one who has EVER kept my daughter overnight. I trust her to care for Brooklyn if something ever happened to me and DH.

But to my point. They decided not to try anymore, as they had no answers as to why she kept miscarrying. No way to prevent it. In the last month, 9 people around her have either given birth or announced their pregnancy. 2 of them being her VERY close family. One of her sisters, and her SIL, both announcing their pregnancy in the last 3 weeks.

I felt an instant pang of guilt when she unloaded this on me today. What if I fall pregnant this month? How will I tell her? I know she is already feeling extremely stressed and depressed because she feels surrounded by the things she can't have. I decided to go ahead and tell her we were TTC. She didn't really respond. I cherish her DEARLY as a friend and I really hope that if, by some iota of a chance we fall pregnant this month, she won't cut herself off from me again.

Third - Braggity Brag Brag

My baby girl is getting SO big! She can drink from a STRAW now! I decided to offer it a few days ago, and she caught right on! Also, as of yesterday, she F I N A L L Y started babbling! BaBaBaBaBa... I never thought I'd hear her say that! DH tries so hard to get a "DaDa" out of her, but she seems content with BaBa for now :)

Also, she is cutting her 7th tooth and just getting CUTER by the day.


Here is something that was a one time thing! All 3 little ones sleeping at the same time! Picture taken in early April. My baby girl Brooklyn is on the far left (3months) Elijah is in the middle (2months) and Kayden on the end (3months)

Ahh if she was only that little again. *sigh* :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

CD 19

Added some pics of Brooklyn at the Pumpkin Patch!

Ok so I went back and read all my previous posts and realized I promised OPK pics. Sorry bout that, I just can't deliver right now. For one, after so many days in a row of the dark, but not quite positive opk's, I just frankly got tired of taking the same picture everyday. And seeing as how my PREHISTORIC Sony Mavica records on diskettes, and my laptop doesn't have a disk drive, well you get the idea.

On to other news. I have been so emotional today. DD will be 10 months old tomorrow. It has flown by, and I wonder if I have cherished it as much as I should have? Should we have been out doing more baby fun things? Should I have entertained her more, or was letting her play solo mostly the right thing?

Everytime I think about the fact that in a little less than 9 weeks from now she will be 1, it brings tears to my eyes. I miss that cute little baby who just laid there so helplessly and wasn't pushing off of me to get down in the floor when I tried to snuggle her. Will I ever get the chance to do this again? What if she is my only baby? I know these thoughts are probably irrational, but I today I just can't get them off my mind.

Ok, that's all from a tearful blabbering me, cause if I keep going, I'm going to be an emotional mess.

CD 19

And I'm getting pissed.

My body is playing tricks on me. I thought I was gearing up to Ovulate CD 12, but it didn't happen. Now O is no where in sight, CM is creamy, even thought CP is open.
I hope Fertility Blend didn't screw my cycle up.