Why yes, I would like another.

Our journey towards another little bundle.

Monday, October 30, 2006

CD 16


I am so frustrated. Thought I O'ed a few days ago, but my temps are saying otherwise. I have moved from fertile cm back to creamy cm.

OPK's still dark, but not positive.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Oh, and remember last week when I told you that the 3rd member of our 5 person buddy group got her BFP?

Well, number 4 got her's last night. That leaves me.

F*cking shoot me man.

CD 12, OPK getting darker. EWCM coming! BD fest starts today! :D

So far, our day is going fine.
We tried something new last night, and it worked incredibly well.
When Brooklyn fell asleep in her swing last night, around 7ish as usual, I let her sleep until 9 in her swing, and then moved her to her crib. Normally, she will sleep in her swing until around midnight, and then wake up, play until around 12 - 1:30 am. It's incredibly draining. But since DH doesn't get home until 10:45pm, we are usually up until around 1-2 am watching TV and whatnot, which wakes her up. We went to bed at 1 am expecting her to wake up at 3 wanting to play.

BUUUT! She slept allll the way through until 8 am. That's 13 hours people.

Needless to say, we were shocked, but oh so happy.

Monday, October 23, 2006

CD 9

Sorry, I slacked.

Anywho, things are going fairly well over here. Continuing with my Fertility Blend daily x3, Baby asprin x1, and started OPK's today at 1:30pm. It was fairly darker than I expected to see this early in the game. I shall post pictures later. I am going to photograph everydays OPK and post the picture, just for kicks.

I'm feeling a little down today, as the THIRD member of our FIVE person buddy group on FF got her BFP. And she had decided a few days prior that she didn't even want it. Irony, eh?

This is our 4th month trying for number 2. Knowing what I know now, MAN were we lucky conceiving number 1. Got a BFP on the second try. 2 months of severely uneducated trying I might add. Maybe the Fertility Gods gave me a free pass the first time around, but I'm feeling they aren't going to be so generous this time...

Anywho... OPK picture later!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A day late.

CD 4 - Nothing really to report for yesterday, hence why I didn't blog.

CD 5

DH had his day off today. I was up till 3 am last night, and he let me sleep in until 12:30. That's right folks. I slept till lunch time. It was rather odd.

The rest of the day has been alright. I'm having one of those " I hate how all my clothes looks on me + I feel guilty for eating almost a whole box of graham crackers " kind of day.

We went and got some lunch at a local barbeque place. It was pretty good. DD behaved nicely, except for the repetitive throwing of her toys on the floor.... :)

After we ate we drove over to a consignment shop near our house where I had some store credit and bought DD some fleece Old Navy pants, a couple turtleneck longsleeved onsies, and an Old Navy fleece zip up jacket that should last her until it's warm again here (around March).
I don't know what it is about Old Navy, but both mine, and DD's clothing collection is almost enitrely made up of this brand. Of course now I can't fit into their regular jeans anymore and will be looking into the Plus Size online sizes soon... grrrrrr...

But don't get me started about my weight! Ok seriously... I am constantly wondering if being overweight is going to hinder me getting pregnant again... I know it didn't the first time, but I *am* 14 lbs heavier now than I was when I got pregnant with DD. I try to eat healthier, and I was actually doing a good job of it until I was sure I had ovulated last month, then all barriers broke down and the stress got to me. Not sure why I am compulsivley snacking today, but I'm guessing boredom.

I'm gonna try to start with my healthy eating plan tomorrow. This includes nothing fried, no fast food, no sweets, no ice cream, no sprite, and cutting back on the carbs. Last month I lost 7 lbs doing this, so now all I need is some exercise and I should be in good shape.

Ok enough whining.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Blah. It's rainy and cold outside today. DD had a doctor's appointment this morning at 10 am. She looked so cute all bundled up in her new clothes and pink hat. :)

She weighed in at 20 lbs even, and measured 28 inches. A long way from the 4lbs 10oz, 18 inches she was at birth. She is measuring right in the 50th percentile for height and weight, and for that, we are grateful.

We got some decongestant for her fountain nose, but he didn't feel the need to prescribe any antibiotics which is more than fine with me. For a while there it seemed like he was prescribing us antibiotics for every little thing we called in to the office about. I wasn't so crazy about that considering he would call them in to the pharmacy without even seeing her.. That almost made me switch doctors.

Anywho, got a nice suprise today when we stopped by Eckerd's on the way home and my Fertility Blend rang up for $7.62 instead of the $29.99 it was marked. It made up for all the rainy nastiness :). I sent DH to get 2 more bottles on his way to work. Hopefully I won't need them and we can sell 'em on eBay.

Well, DD is being a cranky butt, so I'm going to attempt to entertain her and maybe put her down for a nap.

Until next time!

Monday, October 16, 2006

CD 2
My daughter, here on referred to as "DD" is sick. Thanks to my best friend who insisted I take her and her sick child to the doctor on Friday, all the while reassuring me " He isn't contagious".

Yeah. My ass he wasn't. DD's nose fountain switched on promptly after we arrived at my mother's house for our weekend "getaway". Lovely. She awoke at least 2 times a night Friday and Saturday, making for some grumpy parents by Sunday. Now she has the whole green/yellow snot, and congested cough thing going on.

Oh and to make matters worse, Aunt Flow is being unusually cruel to me this month. So couple that with a sore throat and major PMS, you get a very unhappy, emotionally unstable, sickly me.

My husband, here after referred to as "DH" is trying to get tomorrow off so that he can accompany me to the Dr's office.

Went semi-shopping today. No fruits or veggies purchased, but I got some V8 and juices. Should be getting the Fertility Blend tomorrow.

Well, gotta run. DD is doing that "sickly cough/cry/hiccup/scream" thing she has perfected over the last few days...

More later. :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well.. my first post. On CD1, seems fitting.

What a rollercoaster of a cycle. I'm just thankful I got a period. A heavy one. And it was on time. But the cramps of doom, I could do without.

My plan of attack this month includes:
-Using Fertility Blend starting tomorrow, CD2.
-Using Answer STRIP OPK's starting CD 12. I emphasize the STRIP part. Not the midstreams.
-Attempting to use my saliva microscope again.
-No Caffeine
-Drinking 3+ bottles of regular water a day
-Drinking 1 Vitamin Water a day
-Avoiding processed foods as much as possible, and trying to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can.

So yeah. Here we go again! Cycle 3 TTC#2.