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Our journey towards another little bundle.

Monday, October 23, 2006

CD 9

Sorry, I slacked.

Anywho, things are going fairly well over here. Continuing with my Fertility Blend daily x3, Baby asprin x1, and started OPK's today at 1:30pm. It was fairly darker than I expected to see this early in the game. I shall post pictures later. I am going to photograph everydays OPK and post the picture, just for kicks.

I'm feeling a little down today, as the THIRD member of our FIVE person buddy group on FF got her BFP. And she had decided a few days prior that she didn't even want it. Irony, eh?

This is our 4th month trying for number 2. Knowing what I know now, MAN were we lucky conceiving number 1. Got a BFP on the second try. 2 months of severely uneducated trying I might add. Maybe the Fertility Gods gave me a free pass the first time around, but I'm feeling they aren't going to be so generous this time...

Anywho... OPK picture later!


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