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Monday, October 16, 2006

CD 2
My daughter, here on referred to as "DD" is sick. Thanks to my best friend who insisted I take her and her sick child to the doctor on Friday, all the while reassuring me " He isn't contagious".

Yeah. My ass he wasn't. DD's nose fountain switched on promptly after we arrived at my mother's house for our weekend "getaway". Lovely. She awoke at least 2 times a night Friday and Saturday, making for some grumpy parents by Sunday. Now she has the whole green/yellow snot, and congested cough thing going on.

Oh and to make matters worse, Aunt Flow is being unusually cruel to me this month. So couple that with a sore throat and major PMS, you get a very unhappy, emotionally unstable, sickly me.

My husband, here after referred to as "DH" is trying to get tomorrow off so that he can accompany me to the Dr's office.

Went semi-shopping today. No fruits or veggies purchased, but I got some V8 and juices. Should be getting the Fertility Blend tomorrow.

Well, gotta run. DD is doing that "sickly cough/cry/hiccup/scream" thing she has perfected over the last few days...

More later. :)


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