Why yes, I would like another.

Our journey towards another little bundle.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well.. my first post. On CD1, seems fitting.

What a rollercoaster of a cycle. I'm just thankful I got a period. A heavy one. And it was on time. But the cramps of doom, I could do without.

My plan of attack this month includes:
-Using Fertility Blend starting tomorrow, CD2.
-Using Answer STRIP OPK's starting CD 12. I emphasize the STRIP part. Not the midstreams.
-Attempting to use my saliva microscope again.
-No Caffeine
-Drinking 3+ bottles of regular water a day
-Drinking 1 Vitamin Water a day
-Avoiding processed foods as much as possible, and trying to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can.

So yeah. Here we go again! Cycle 3 TTC#2.


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