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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A day late.

CD 4 - Nothing really to report for yesterday, hence why I didn't blog.

CD 5

DH had his day off today. I was up till 3 am last night, and he let me sleep in until 12:30. That's right folks. I slept till lunch time. It was rather odd.

The rest of the day has been alright. I'm having one of those " I hate how all my clothes looks on me + I feel guilty for eating almost a whole box of graham crackers " kind of day.

We went and got some lunch at a local barbeque place. It was pretty good. DD behaved nicely, except for the repetitive throwing of her toys on the floor.... :)

After we ate we drove over to a consignment shop near our house where I had some store credit and bought DD some fleece Old Navy pants, a couple turtleneck longsleeved onsies, and an Old Navy fleece zip up jacket that should last her until it's warm again here (around March).
I don't know what it is about Old Navy, but both mine, and DD's clothing collection is almost enitrely made up of this brand. Of course now I can't fit into their regular jeans anymore and will be looking into the Plus Size online sizes soon... grrrrrr...

But don't get me started about my weight! Ok seriously... I am constantly wondering if being overweight is going to hinder me getting pregnant again... I know it didn't the first time, but I *am* 14 lbs heavier now than I was when I got pregnant with DD. I try to eat healthier, and I was actually doing a good job of it until I was sure I had ovulated last month, then all barriers broke down and the stress got to me. Not sure why I am compulsivley snacking today, but I'm guessing boredom.

I'm gonna try to start with my healthy eating plan tomorrow. This includes nothing fried, no fast food, no sweets, no ice cream, no sprite, and cutting back on the carbs. Last month I lost 7 lbs doing this, so now all I need is some exercise and I should be in good shape.

Ok enough whining.



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