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Our journey towards another little bundle.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

CD 12, OPK getting darker. EWCM coming! BD fest starts today! :D

So far, our day is going fine.
We tried something new last night, and it worked incredibly well.
When Brooklyn fell asleep in her swing last night, around 7ish as usual, I let her sleep until 9 in her swing, and then moved her to her crib. Normally, she will sleep in her swing until around midnight, and then wake up, play until around 12 - 1:30 am. It's incredibly draining. But since DH doesn't get home until 10:45pm, we are usually up until around 1-2 am watching TV and whatnot, which wakes her up. We went to bed at 1 am expecting her to wake up at 3 wanting to play.

BUUUT! She slept allll the way through until 8 am. That's 13 hours people.

Needless to say, we were shocked, but oh so happy.


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