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Our journey towards another little bundle.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

CD 28
11 Dpo

Ugh. Either AF is being nice and giving me a quick painless defeat, or something else is going on.

Not having any PMS, no normal greasy pre-AF skin, no breakouts. No sore BBs...

BUT I just encountered "spot" in the bathroom. It wasn't bright red, which is encouraging, and I checked my cervix, and it's high, firm, and closed, and there wasn't any more *spot* visible. Another good sign.

I assume the "spot" could be from BD last night? Man... I reallly reeeeeallly don't wanna get my hopes up. 2 more days until my official "test day" unless AF comes before then.

Here is an overlay of my current chart as of yesterday, and my BFP chart with DD.

And here is my current chart as of yesterday.

If *spot* stays away, I'll break out the PG tests this evening or tomorrow morning.

*fingers crossed*


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