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Our journey towards another little bundle.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ok, well, either I detected a very early chemical, or E P T just sucks.
I'm more inclined to go with option 2.

My temp is still up, AF due in the next few days, right in time for DD's 1st birthday.

Symptoms as of today:
Burning (o)(o), especially under the arms.
On/Off nausea when I haven't eaten in a bit
WAY hotter than normal, usually I'm VERY cold natured.
Darker areolas
My veins are standing out a lil more on my (o)(o)
My skin hasn't turned into a oily mess yet
No pre AF breakout

All tests are BFN as of now.


Blogger HookersGirl said...

I just can tell you again! CONGRATS...I am so happy for you!

1/04/2007 11:21:00 AM  
Blogger HookersGirl said...

I can just tell you again, CONGRATS!! Love, Angela ;)

1/04/2007 11:22:00 AM  

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